Rare Review: Lunar Jetman

Someone Set Up Us The Bomb

The sequel to Jetpac. It adds a lot more mechanics to it and is all the worse for it. The main flying and shooting is the same as Jetpac and still feels great, but then you notice that your fuel goes down quickly and there’s a time limit, as well as arrows pointing towards your truck and an alien base, and a bomb nearby your truck.

After failing to understand what you’re supposed to do, I ended up checking the digital manual. The goal of the game is to blow up enemy turrets (the “alien base” arrow points towards these). To do this, you have to pick up a bomb and fly it to the base and let go from a good enough altitude for it to blow.

However, your limited fuel is a big problem – you don’t have enough to fly to your enemy base. This is where your truck comes in, you can place the bomb on it and drive towards the base. You are also invincible while in the truck. Along the way will be lots of craters, which your truck can’t drive over. You’ll need to exit the truck, pick up a platform (by pressing “pick up” on your truck) and drop it over the gap. You can also grab a turret for your gun, but as you need to take the bomb, this is only useful to blast some enemies for points for a bit before moving on. There’s also a teleporter, which mainly just gets in the way.

There are loads of different types of enemies that bombard you. They all chase you in different ways, either that move past the screen or some that stalk you to attack when you leave the truck, or chase you in other ways.

The complexity of Lunar Jetman makes the game far less fun than Jetpac, and is not something I’d want to play again.

My “completion” of Lunar Jetman was to reach level 10 (the point suggested by the milestones), plus all Snapshots – which I thought were a lot more fun to play than the main game.

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