Rare Review: RC Pro-Am II

Jumps and different track types make it feel more varied.

A big improvement over the first, RC Pro-Am II fixes some of the niggles of the first game and adds in some new improvements, such as multiplayer.

The graphics are more fine tuned. They don’t have the cutesy clunky toy look, but they’re overall better detailed and include 3D-looking elements for more elaborate tracks. Handling also feels much better, making cornering easier and it feels less slippery overall.

One big notable change is the enemy AI. They now feel like proper competitors more than obstacles. They feel much fairer and don’t feel like they’re cheating anywhere near as much. It also helps that the game gives them names, making them seem like opponents. With these changes, I felt like I was actually playing to win instead of just playing to progress, and managed to get an overall 1st place (barely) across all the cups.

One small issue is one of the obstacle types. One some straights, a plane will come and bomb you or shoot you. These are difficult to dodge and the plane is out to get your specifically.

The upgrade system has changed. Instead of collecting upgrades on the track, you collect money to spend on specific upgrades, or to buy power ups to start the next race with, such as rockets, shields or nitrus. These power ups can also be found on the tracks.

RC Pro-Am II is a great classic racing game. The snapshots for this were fine, with one difficult one requiring you to dodge two planes – one of them while your car is on ice.

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