Rare Review: RC Pro-Am

Remote controls cars has always made for fun games.

A racing game with a very impressive sense of speed and some really nice chunky graphics. It reminds me a lot of Micro Machines, which is impressive as RC Pro-Am came out a few years earlier.

The controls get some getting used to as you use left and right to turn. This makes sense in writing but can sometimes be disorientating in the isometric view, where pointing in the direction you want to travel would be more intuitive. Once you get used to it, you’ll be blasting through the tracks.

Dotted along the tracks are missiles, bombs and upgrades. Collecting a missile or bomb will change your whole stock into that type, which can be annoying if you want the other item. Upgrades will speed up your car permanently, and collecting them all slows down the rate the other cars can upgrade, which is important as if you let them upgrade, all of them will be unbeatable.

The game is fairly generous in that you only need to place 3rd (out of 4) to progress. Doing this is still difficult, and sometimes getting first place is an impossibility as the AI racers can outright cheat, zooming ahead while you’re at the highest possible speed in the game. Luckily they don’t use weapons against you. In the last race, I had around 80 bombs, so I used them every time an opponent came close. Due to the AI cheating, I ended up using around 70 of these in this one race alone to keep them at bay.
Still, as 3rd place is the main requirement, RC Pro-Am is still a fun racing game due to its sense of speed.

Completion is getting 3rd or better on all tracks, then the snapshots. The ones for RC Pro-Am have been the hardest so far, with one where you have to hit 5 opponents with missiles (the east part) and then win the race (which is mainly hoping you get lucky with the AI), and one where you start more than a lap behind, where you need to complete 9 perfect laps without touching the sides or slowing down to catch up and win.

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