Rare Review: Sabre Wulf

Sabreman’s small sword will vanquish most foes, but not all.

Another maze game. Here you have to find four pieces of an amulet hidden throughout a very vast map, with lots of twisting passages. This is not a map you’ll learn, so you’ll mainly just pick random directions until you find what you need. Then you need to head to the centre of the map.

Everything in the jungle is out to get you, and you only have a piddly sword. Most enemies can be vanquished easily, but larger ones you’ll need to dodge (or have to lose a life if you need to get past them). There are also villagers that you can block by fighting, but you’ll need to back up on yourself to get past them.

Orchids will sprout up, each with different abilities. Two of these are detrimental, such as knocking you down or reversing your directions, while others will make you invincible (but either slow you down or speed you up). The white one will reset any effects.

Sabre Wulf isn’t a bad game, but is still a fairly frustrating one. The snapshots are tailored well and show how fun some of the gameplay can be, but it feels more like blindly stumbling around rather than the working out and planning of Atic Atac.

I completed the main game once, and then took on the snapshots, which for some of them seemed more about being lucky with the randomness more than anything else.

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