Rare Review: Slalom

Stupid Sexy Flanders.

All about skiing. I’ll admit to using the rewind feature a lot to play though this. Without it, Slalom would be an incredibly frustrating experience.

In Slalom, you have to get to the bottom of the slope before the time runs out. There are opponents, but they’re just there to get in your way. There will also be trees, snowmen and kids sledding uphill to avoid. Some parts of this required a lot of luck as you have to avoid obstacles as well as the other skiers who can block gaps at the worst time.

You also have to make sure you go through the slalom flags – miss a flag and you’ll slow down. There’s also a trick system when doing jumps, but it’s best to avoid jumps as it will slow you down. If you do more than a couple of small mess ups, you will likely not make it in time.

Each mountain has 9 slopes that you work through. In order to progress to the next slope, you have to finish in time. If you don’t, you go straight to the main menu. No second attempt or extra lives, just back to the main menu to start from the beginning. You need a perfect run to see all the tracks in the game.

With the Rare Replay features, I instead had fun seeing how long I could go without needing a rewind, so I could try weaving through loads of moving objects without the frustration of having to redo everything if I hit a single one of them. The challenges also proved to be a lot of fun, as these don’t have the rewind but are quick to try again.

Slalom is a game which wasn’t a great game for its time, but has been turned into something that can be enjoyed due to the extra features of Rare Replay.

For “completion” I beat all 27 courses, then went on and completed the snapshots. These takes some difficult parts of the game, but are doable and fun due to being able to restart the course straight away.

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