Sonic Jump (Android)

  • Original Platform: Android/iOS
  • Version Played: Android
  • Where to get: Re-released as “Sonic Jump Pro” on Google Play, just “Sonic Jump” on iOS store

I was pleasantly surprised by this, it’s a nice mobile game – and a remake of a much older Java mobile game. Sonic automatically jumps up, and you have to reach the goal high up in the sky using tilt controls, which are actually very responsive. The levels are properly designed (although a random endless mode is also available), and utilise different kinds of platforms.

Some platforms will collapse after one jump, others won’t bounce you up (although you gain your double jump back – activated by tapping the screen – so it’s not instant death), some move, some spin, some fade out in a pattern. The game doesn’t tell you what these are the first time you encounter them, but they’re self explanatory.

Sonic Jump is a very solid mobile Sonic games, with some lovely backgrounds that remind me of Rayman Origins.

Sonic Jump has an item store, where you can spend rings (or real money). But these are essentially just cheats, and the game can be completed without any at all.

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