Sonic Labyrinth

  • Original Platform: Game Gear
  • Where to get: : Game Gear
  • Where to get: Second Hand, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, 3DS Virtual Console

An isometric maze/platform game made for the Game Gear and it’s quite poor. The object of the game is to find three keys hidden in the level and then make your way though the exit. With it being isometric, is means that the entire game is spent going diagonally, which D-pads weren’t designed to do constantly. Your one move is a spin dash, where you charge up for a more powerful one.

After three acts, you fight a boss which involves avoiding attacks and then spin dashing into. It’s a fairly short game, but some levels are confusing and involve doors that connect to each other differently (so come out of one and go back and you’ll be somewhere else).

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